the editors

a cross-institutional collaboration

Josh Armstrong Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, UK

Josh Armstrong is an interdisciplinary director, researcher, and lecturer in Contemporary Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He is Artistic Director of Objet-a Creative Studio, an interdisciplinary arts organisation producing a variety of artistic outputs on the verge of performance, music, visual and sonic art with a strong underpinning in Research-Creation and interdisciplinarity beyond the Arts. He was appointed Associate Director of Cryptic, an international arts-producing house, in 2011. Over the past eight years, Josh has been involved in a multitude of interdisciplinary performances in Scotland, as well across England, Mexico, Finland, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, and Taiwan.

The BA(Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice Programme is an innovative 4-year undergraduate degree which aims to develop sustainable performance-based artists who are passionate and proactive in the world which they inhabit. Central to this work is an implicit ecological awareness which is supported through educational experiences of ‘wilding’ and Natural Change. 

Alexandra Lakind University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Alexandra Lakind is currently a doctoral student in Curriculum & Instruction and Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a graduate fellow at the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies and a graduate associate in the Center for Culture, History, and Environment. She is the founder of Terra Incognita, a workshop and event series exploring artistic responses to the Anthropocene. She is also a collaborator on Garden for a Changing Climate, a multi-university grant supporting art that utilizes plants towards enhanced understanding of the temporal and spatial effects of climate change. Alexandra studied Contemporary Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and holds an MA from New York University.

Chessa Adsit-Morris University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Chessa Adsit-Morris is a curriculum theorist, member of the Center for Creative Ecologies and the Center for the Study of the Force Majeure, housed at the University of California, Santa Cruz where she is a doctoral student in Visual Studies. She has a MA from the University of British Columbia in Curriculum Studies. She is the author of Restorying Environmental Education: Figurations, Fictions, Feral Subjectivities (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017). She has worked with Universities, NGOs, school boards and municipal authorities to translate complex scientific research into approachable, teachable theory; creating strategies and resources that help to guide policies and practices toward creating a healthy and more sustainable future.