becoming-Botanicals Somatic Retreat

19 - 21 October 2018 | Mississippi, USA

DATES: Friday 19 Oct [17:00] to Sunday 21 Oct [19:00]
LOCATION: The Garage Mahal, Mississippi [an hour from New Orleans]


The becoming-Botanicals Retreat in rural Mississippi will focus on somatic practices developed between plant body and human body life.  These simple physical exercises can be practiced by anyone and re-connect us with our bodies and to plants in a deeply meditative somatic experience.

Aimed at disrupting the idea of human dominated consciousness, this somatic practice garners greater physical awareness of the rising-up of plant-life agency through practical embodied exercises that are simple, feel good and can be enjoyed by everyone.

The first becoming-Botanicals Retreat will be held in beautiful Mississippi on a private estate and yoga centre, The Garage Mahal. The retreat will include concentrated group practice of the embodied research in the woods, swamps, bogs and gardens of rural Mississippi, an invitation for participants to share their own practices and approaches to the becoming-Botanicals prompt through group discussions or participant-led activities, as well as other somatic practices conducted in the yoga centre such as meditation, yoga, bio-dynamics, contact improv, acupuncture and chanting. The intention is for the retreat to be collaborative and a gathering space for the sharing of ideas and thoughts with each other and nature.

Each participant will be asked to write a response to one of the becoming-Botanical writing prompts listed on the website. Their paper will then be crushed into the compost of a worm box, which will be used to plant and harvest produce on the estate. Participants will be invited to return to centre for a dinner prepared from the plant life grown from the papers they wrote and contributed as compost to the worm box at harvest.

James and Ava Sones have generously donated their home and yoga centre for the practice of this spiritual, meditative and eco conscious retreat so that it may be an affordable experience for all participants.

Each participant will be asked to contribute to the cost of groceries and the creation of one vegetarian plant based meal over the course of the weekend. The retreat will include basic sleeping accommodations, beautiful hiking paths, scenery and bonfires. Eco-friendly car-pooling from New Orleans is encouraged.

Space on the retreat is limited. Please RSVP by OCTOBER 3rd to with a written letter of intent that includes a brief description of your interest in participating and what you would like to contribute via discussion or an activity you wish to offer during the weekend.